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Fat grafting

Fat for beauty

Nowadays, fat grafting is increasingly applied in aesthetic medicine. The living stem cells contained in fat have unique regeneration properties. Moreover, fat is an excellent natural filler. The effect of the procedure is longer-lasting than in case of other fillers which have been used so far. Additionally, autologous fat is very safe and does not pose any hazard of an allergic response. In general, lipofilling is regarded as a safe technique.

We offer a professional fat grafting instrumentation set, which contains disposable fat grafting cannulas. The set allows you to obtain both micro fat and nano fat, which is rich in stem cells. With this set, lipofilling takes about 30 minutes.

Moreover, we offer a professional training for doctors, which is distinguished by the emphasis placed on practical exercises. More specifically, our fat grafting training is based on practical exercises performed on models. We use a specific instrumentation set in the course of this training. The lipofilling set contains all the necessary cannulas and the equipment needed to perform the procedure. We encourage all doctors to participate in our training.

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Every single person would love to look and feel attractive. Nowadays, caring for beauty is a unique value promoted in social media, resulting mainly from social expectations. However, one should remember that a beautiful body is first and foremost a healthy body. It is simply impossible to reach the ideal of natural beauty without taking care of the overall condition of the body. Health and beauty always go hand in hand.

Therefore, the best way to enhance your beauty is to get professional medical assistance. It is the aesthetic doctor who knows best what can be the cause of certain beauty defects, and who is able to improve visual effects as well as treat some potential causes of imperfections.

The basic assumption of aesthetic medicine is that any discomfort associated with imperfections in external appearance should be eliminated. Such imperfections include the effects of natural processes, such as ageing, hormonal changes related to pregnancy, lactation, puberty or menopause, as well as changes resulting from diseases, injuries, treatment procedures, and birth defects. Aesthetic medicine encompasses three types of measures: preventive, reconstructive, and corrective.

Within the sphere of prevention, all preventive measures which protect against the effects of ageing and other undesirable processes affecting the body are embraced. Such measures are taken before certain unwanted processes occur in the body. Reconstructive procedures, on the other hand, are performed on patients who have already experienced the results of diseases and injuries as well as the effects occurring due to the passage of time. Fat for Beauty would be honoured to teach you more during the professional training

“Beauty is a form of genius – is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation”

Oscar Wilde


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